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الفا جروب للابواب

رائدة في مجال عالم الابواب

Pioneers in Doors
The best operating Companies in the field of Metal Doors in Egypt

Alpha Group

Pioneers in Doors

Certified by the National Research Center for Manufacturing Single and double doors (firefighting)..

We manufacture 3m x 3m firefighting doors.



Alfa steel doors is the one of:

The best operating companies in the field of Metal Doors in Egypt. And that because of their outstanding quality and exceptional prices in their products from doors and Doors that resist fire, where the company logo is (to be head-must do what is best).

Where the company achieves the hard equation in the process of production in terms of product quality and speed supplied and installed in addition to competitive prices with others that are less than others in the Egyptian market this to achieve the difficult equation.

That the grace of God we are always achieved thanks to ambitious employees of the company and their desire to firm in advancing the production and make their company in the ranks of the major companies operating in this area realized.


The company started its activity in the name of (Hamd Contracting) in 2003, then was the company specializes in the installation of Metal Doors of all kinds.

The company has achieved during that period reputation to be a leader in the field of fixtures, making it agent for many of the major companies operating in the area and them on the way example (Mariette and Scott Egypt company and France Metal company and a Kuhaimi company and Empt) and therefore the company has achieved in a short time and very often they aspire to achieve progress in the field of work.

With the increase in projects which the company operates and the increasing demand on the supply of doors the company doing contract with (Mariette and Scott) and (Egyptian Company for Metal Forming (Ampt)) for the distribution of their products from doors and metal fire resistant and sliding.

And therefore the company achieved its main goals (a presence in the Egyptian market as a supplier of metal doors) next to the installation of metal doors, a very important step in order to achieve the larger goal of supplying Metal Doors production of our factories. And already achieved by the determination and resolve and a clear understanding of the requirements of the market and full commitment to the terms of the contract and how to gain customer confidence.

So it was necessary to change the theme of the company's business to become Alpha Steel metal doors.

The administrative structure:

The company consists next to the secretary and general
manager of an administrative structure as follows:

And interconnected sections in the company with each other to achieve the desired goal of a presence strongly in the Egyptian market so as to achieve the biggest dream, which export to the outside and that really seemed to marketing and sales department in the study of Arab markets in which we open the field for the export of Metal Doors to it, or at least the installation of Metal Doors to it.

  • Sales Management.

  • The Technical Office.

  • Product Management.

  • Fixtures administration.

  • Account management.

The company's products

  • Main gates.

  • Metal Doors Fire-resistant and non-resistant fire.

  • Doors isolate the voice.

  • Doors for sterile places.

  • Armored doors.

  • Rolling shutter doors.

  • Main gates.

  • Stainless steel doors

  • Krital doors and forvorjeh.

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